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My first novel - 'The Rocket Post' - was published by Blossom Spring and nominated for the Peoples Book Prize 2021/22.


The process of writing a novel was an interesting challenge. Read about my ups and downs here: Waiting For The Whispers

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You can order a paperback copy or e-book version of 'The Rocket Post' from Amazon Books, Waterstones and other sales platforms. 

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Short Stories 


I’ve always loved short stories. Reading the best of them by authors such as Raymond Carver is one of life’s pleasures.


A lot of people think they are much easier to write than novels. Well, the process may take less time, but achieving the right balance of story, character and place on a much smaller canvas is a real challenge.


I had an idea of trying to write stories of exactly the same length – 1000 words. My old English teacher used to say that was more than enough for any reader!

Short Stories

The Echo of Michael

From wasted lives to the power of a glass marble

Silhouette of Soldiers

Secret Soldier

Conflict and trauma emerge in a train station

Red Hair Model

The Creature

An absurd case of mistaken identity

Old Fashioned Soccer Ball


One word lingers in a troubled mind



I’ve been writing poetry since my early twenties, inspired by Seamus Heaney, Philip Larkin and Robert Lowell.


Capturing an experience or emotion with the right language and form is so satisfying – and rare! Most of my poems are short, with the intention of making every word count.


Here’s a selection. Do any of them work for you? 

Fish and Chips
Retro Car
Street at Night
Neon Lights

Fish & chips



Sunset Dream

Altar Boy


Blunt Scissors


Top of the Tree
Foggy Pier

Treetops In Kenya

Western Pier




I grew up in Sheffield as the youngest of five children. My Dad was a steelworker and my Mum was a cook at a city centre Department store. I studied Literature at The University of Essex, where I developed an interest in twentieth century American writers, particularly Jack Kerouac, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Raymond Chandler. My short stories and poetry have been published in UK anthologies and magazines.

I had a career in Local Government, mainly in South Yorkshire, before writing fiction in the mystery/thriller genre which seeks to entertain and shine a light on contemporary social and political issues. I was inspired to write by a love of language and the challenge of using it well to create memorable stories, characters, and places. If readers turn the pages of my book with interest until the end, and don’t feel the urge to check chapter lengths half way through, then I’ll be a happy author.   


I’ve been an Owls fan since the days of McCalliog and Fantham. Glory times are just round the corner! Cricket is a big passion too. Memories of England’s victory in the 2005 Ashes series still make me smile. Favourite pastimes include visits to the coast, enjoying good food and wine with family and friends, as well as current affairs, arts, and sports programmes.


My daughter Anna is a teacher in Malaysia, and my son Joe is a professional musician in London.   

I live in Sheffield with my wife, Virginia, and our border collie, Kel.


‘The Rocket Post’ is my first novel.

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